Company Introduction

SkyData is an AI company that provides AI products and solutions to businesses in the Manufacturing, Healthcare and Finance Industries. Our mission is to help these businesses unearth the value of their data and turn AI into real business value.
Founded by a group of software experts who have years of work experience in top technology companies in Silicon Valley and professionals with deep industry expertise and management experiences. SkyData’s innovative accelerating technology “Soft Silicon” can greatly enhance software’s computing performance, obtaining the equivalent effect of hardware upgrades. Visioning a better world with computational intelligence, SkyData aims to become an AI technology pioneer and industry leader in the era of intelligent computing.

A Word from the CEO

To each individual, each company, and each era, innovation and entrepreneurship have distinctive meaning: the modern age is calling for a structural reform, transformation and upgrades from the supply side. SkyData is devoted to creating a future where intelligent computing is prevalent, where the IT department has transformed from the cost center into the core driver for business growth, increasing the value of data for the manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services industries.

In this journey of entrepreneurship, it is my wish and goal to make infrastructure computing technologies become independent and controllable at a world-class level. It is crucial to remain true to our original aspiration ——to promote social development and create a better life for everyone through innovative technology!

Yunpeng Li is CEO and founder of SkyData. Before founding SkyData, he served as the software development director in the Database Division at Oracle America, Inc., where he led an international team across 5 time zones, making great contributions to Oracle’s most successful products which include Oracle Database 11g, 12c and ExaData V1-X5 over the last decade.

Yunpeng Li holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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