Intelligent Healthcare Solution

SkyData’s Intelligent Healthcare Solution provides complete healthcare data storage, management, analytics and AI technologies that can help hospitals and related institutions upgrade and achieve healthcare intelligence.

Reduces doctors' workload and improves diagnostic accuracy.

Can be seamlessly integrated into hospitals’ existing HIS, facilitating 3D imaging and 3D color printing for traditional PACS.

Has cloud-based deployment, highly scalability, mobility and superior coordination capabilities.

All-round platforms + applications: SkyAXE - intelligent computing appliance and SkyHealth - intelligent healthcare products series.

Our solution makes the breakthrough of intelligent healthcare, telehealth, mobile health, hierarchical medical system, as well as regional resource sharing possible.

Challenges and Needs in the Medical Diagnostics Market

High Demand on Human Expertise

Some testings have high requirements for human expertise; HR cost eats up a big part of hospital budget.

Low Efficiency

Queuing problems caused by long testing time needs to be addressed.

Huge Investment in Equipment

Medical testing equipment are so expensive that small and mid-size hospitals cannot afford.

Low Accuracy

To improve the accuracy of disease diagnostic has become a necessity.

Low Effectiveness

Insufficient number of patient samples makes it hard to achive economies of scale.

SkyData Intelligent Healthcare Solution